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Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals have been rolled out to almost all countries in the UN to produce a set of universal goals that meet the urgent environmental, political and economic challenges facing our world.

Bike to Work Day!

For Bike to Work Day, we outline some of the pros of riding your bicycle to work, both for yourself and the environment.

What COP26 Means for Forests and the Climate

COP26 pledged renewed efforts towards scaling back and combatting deforestation, but many critics raised the question – will it be enough?

COP26 Timeline

COP26 recently concluded in Glasgow, to very mixed reactions as to what it entails for global climate action.

Hiniduma Bio-link Project

Hirdaramani, a regional leader in both sustainability and manufacturing, helped further local sustainability efforts by contributing to expand the Hiniduma Bio-link Project.

Sri Lanka’s first Carbon Insetting case study

Quick Tea (a subsidiary of Akbar Brothers) set a notable milestone by becoming Sri Lanka’s First Carbon-Inset® Certified Company.

GHG Assessments

Midas Safety Sri Lanka, a pioneer in the field of workplace safety apparel manufacturing, stepped up its sustainability efforts by conducting comprehensive Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Assessments.

Lalan's Sustainability Efforts With CCC

One of Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturers and exporters of rubber products, Lalan Rubbers, has placed sustainability at the forefront of its operations by assessing the Carbon Footprints of both its organisation and selected product ranges.

Zero Emissions Day - Walker Tours

There is no better business entity to highlight on Zero Emissions Day than Walkers Tours, who became Asia’s first destination management company to certify its entire fleet of vehicles as CarbonNeutral®.

Soltrim Becomes Asia's First Carbon Neutral Label

Leading Sri Lankan apparel brand identification and packaging products provider and the country’s greenest in their industry, Soltrim International (Pvt) Ltd became Asia’s FIRST Carbon Neutral Label Manufacturer. 

The World's FIRST WaterNeutral® Apparel Factory

Linea Aqua achieved the ultimate goal of reducing and replenishing the entire consumption of water within its Hanwella Factory

Star Garment - CarbonNeutral Certification

Star Garment Group’s Portfolio of Factories Earns CarbonNeutral® Certification

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Rainforest conservation carbon insetting initiative in sri lanka

Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions and manufacturer of personal protective equipment in Sri Lanka

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Aitken Spence Printing carbon neutral for 7 consecutive years

Sri Lanka’s premier printing and packaging solutions provider Aitken Spence Printing, a subsidiary of blue chip conglomerate Aitken Spence Plc, offset its carbon footprint for the seventh consecutive year.

Ansell Limited launched an agroforestry project

Ansell Limited launched an agroforestry project in July 2017 with The Carbon Consulting Company (CCC) to create a biodiversity corridor that would connect Haycock and Dunawala.

Bank Of Ceylon - GHG Assessments

Bank of Ceylon first State bank to be awarded Greenhouse Gas verification statement

CarbonNeutral® Certified city hotel

South Asia’s First CarbonNeutral® Certified city hotel, Colombo Court Hotel and Spa has set the bar high when it comes to being sustainable when they took the initiative of becoming a Carbon Neutral hotel in 2014 with the help of CCC.

Elpitiya Plantations - GHG Assessments

Conducted a comprehensive GHG assessment for them to pinpoint areas where emissions reductions could be possible.

Gili Lankanfushi - Water, Waste and Energy audit

Due to the comprehensive assessments done by the CCC team, Gili Lankanfushi was able to reduce their costs and develop a Social Environmental Awareness and Sustainability Policy

Hirdaramani Group - GHG Assessments

CKT Mihila one of the factories of the group was awarded the CarbonNeutral® Certification in 2012

Hirdaramani Group - Tree Planting Project

The Hirdaramani Group, a company that has integrated sustainability into their Business Strategy supported the Hiniduma Bio-Link Project developed by CCC.

Lanka Leather Fashions - CarbonNeutral® Certification

As sustainability plays a key role in the operations at LLF, they have renewed their Carbon Neutral status for the fifth consecutive year.

N. Ranga Rao & Sons - CarbonNeutral® Certification

The makers of Cycle Pure Agarbathies, NRRS, became the first in the world in 2014 to obtain the CarbonNeutral® Certification, creating a benchmark within the incense sticks industry.

Nations Trust Bank - GHG Assessments

CCC conducted GHG Assessments for three main offices and ten branches of NTB, one of Sri Lanka’s leading banks.

People’s Leasing Company - GHG Assessments

The comprehensive Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Assessment by CCC was done for the Head Office, 105 branches, 5 Service Centres and 5 wholly owned subsidiaries.

The Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa - Energy audit

. The CCC Team carried out a detailed energy audit of the hotel operations, and presented a comprehensive report detailing the hotel’s energy balance.

SolTrim International (Pvt) Ltd - Waste audit

CCC to conduct a waste audit of SolTrim International (Pvt) Ltd Rajagiriya Factory. It shows a long-term commitment to reduce the company’s environmental impact and become a more responsible corporate citizen

Star Garments - GHG Assessments

CCC worked with the Star Garments Group (a Komar company), that specialises in apparel sourcing, design and manufacturing to assess the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of its 14 facilities located in Sri Lanka.

W Retreat and Spa – Water audit

As water is an integral part of the hotel’s operations, CCC was retained to conduct a comprehensive water audit to ascertain their water consumption within the hotel in their efforts to establish a systematic sustainability action plan.

Asia’s First and Only CarbonNeutral® certified vehicle fleet.

Sri Lanka’s most popular Destination Management Company have been conducting annual comprehensive GHG Assessments for the past seven years and maintaining their title as Asia’s First and Only CarbonNeutral® certified vehicle fleet.

Sri Lanka’s Star Garments achieves carbon neutrality

ECONOMYNEXT- Star Garments group, owned by the US-based Komar is now CarbonNeutral certified for its entire portfolio of 14 factories, officials said

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Star Garments achieves carbon neutrality

Sri Lanka’s Star Garments group, owned by the US-based Komar, has now been certified CarbonNeutral for its entire portfolio of 14 factories.

The Ansell Bio-Link project

Sri Lanka’s first forestry project to be certified under this standard and also the country's first carbon insetting project

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Ansell launches rainforest conservation carbon insetting initiative

Ansell recently launched an agroforestry project to create a biodiversity corridor connecting Haycock and Dunawala

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Environmental, Responsibility & Commitment

Protecting the fragile marine ecosystem and leaving only footprints behind

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Earth Day

International Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970, which was hailed by over 20 million people. Here are some ways you can help contribute to the movement to help our planet!

The Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa recently reinforced its commitment towards sustainability by implementing a comprehensive audit of its Carbon, Energy and Water

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Colombo Courtyard—Asia’s First Boutique City Hotel Certified 

The Colombo Courtyard received the CarbonNeutral® certification for the hotel’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

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Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, Asia’s first CarbonNeutral hotel

Colombo Court recommits to the planet on World Environment Day

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On World Mangrove Day 2022, we highlight some of the multitude of reasons why mangroves are essential to the planet, and what we can do to help preserve them.

Closely partnered with CCC

Closely partnered with CCC to measure the Carbon Footprint of both its organisation and a majority of its product ranges

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Sri Lanka’s first-ever CarbonNeutral Freight and Logistics Company

Expolanka Freight secures carbon neutral certification

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Earth Hour

On Earth Day 2022, we highlight some of the steps that you can take to contribute to a greener future.

EFL ISO 14064-1

EFL charting course towards sustainable logistics industry with voluntary ISO 14064 Certification

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International Day of Forests

This International Forest Day, we bring attention to one of our most valuable ecosystems by highlighting some of the dangers of deforestation, and the need to ramp up conservation efforts.

Sri Lankan tea company makes history

Eswaran Brothers Exports, one of Sri Lanka’s leading tea exporters, announces that it has received the CarbonNeutral® company certification

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Carbon Consulting wins Green World Award for Eswaran Brothers

Eswaran Brothers Exports celebrated another outstanding joint achievement when Eswaran Brothers Exports was awarded Global Gold Winner, in the Food and Drink category of the Green World Awards.

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World Wetlands Day

On World Wetlands Day 2022, we highlight the importance of wetlands, and why affirmative action to preserve our wetlands is so important.

Lanka leather fashion Renewed commitment to sustainability

Lanka Leather Fashion (LLF) renewed its CarbonNeutral® certification for the third year running

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International Education Day

The International Day of Education celebrates the importance of, and raises awareness on the need for equitable and inclusive quality education – especially for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

Lanka Leather Fashion celebrates five years of carbon neutrality

It was recognised for its significant achievement with a special commemorative plaque by the developer of The CarbonNeutral Protocol and the world’s leading provider of carbon offset solutions

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World Soil Day

Soil has continually been one of the most overlooked, but critical, components in maintaining the Earth’s ecosystems – on World Soil Day, we look at some of the most important aspect’s of Earth’s outermost layer.

People’s Bank highlights Carbon Management as Key Building Block

As a socially responsible financial institution, People’s Bank has embarked on a powerful sustainability journey to measure

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People’s Bank highlights carbon management as key building block in ‘People’s Green Pulse’

The pioneering bank will collaborate with Sri Lanka’s foremost provider of integrated sustainability solutions – The Carbon Consulting Company – towards achieving its ambitious environmental goals.

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World Food Day

”Food Miles” is the environmental impact of the process of getting food from its source to your plate, which is responsible for emissions outside of those related to the production of your food

Traffi Safe launches world’s first carbon neutral disposable gloves

The first Zero Carbon Certified Disposable Rubber Gloves in the world

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Green Consumer Day

To commemorate Green Consumer Day 2021, we outline some of the ways that you can be mindful of, and help combat, the dark side of consumerism.

World Environment Day

On World Environment Day 2021, we bring attention to the fact that we only have ourselves to rely on when it comes to the restoration of our ecosystems. We need to act, now.

Linea Aqua Reaffirms Status as Industry Leader in Sustainability

Hanwella Factory as Carbon Conscious®, Water Conscious® & Waste Conscious® for a second consecutive year.

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Biodiversity Day

On Biodiversity Day 2021, we would like to extend an invite to all of you to help us protect the biodiversity not only in our native countries, but across the world.

The hirdaramani group demonstrates responsibility in the fashion industry

For the second year in a row, Hirdaramani will join their international partner, the renowned clothing giant Patagonia to plant over 2,000 trees each in this groundbreaking sustainability initiative.

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Hirdaramani Group gets net-zero status of GHG emissions

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from energy use at Hirdaramani Group’s Sri Lankan apparel vertical have attained a net-zero status.

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In this segment, we highlight The Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard (SD VISta), and how it can help you independently evaluate the sustainable development benefits of project-based activities.

SolTrim International Becomes Sri Lanka’s First CarbonNeutral® Label Manufacturer

Received a global accolade after continuous commitment to the environment by being awarded CarbonNeutral® Certification for its organisational operations

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We are proud to be partnered with Closely, the first apparel company to calculate and display the carbon footprint of their entire product range.

NTB reiterating its commitment to Climate Action

Nations Trust Bank Renews Its Commitment To Sustainability With Carbonconscious® Certification

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NTB renews commitment to sustainability with CarbonConscious certification

CarbonConscious certification for the second consecutive year for their head office in Union Place and two other main offices in Nawam Mawatha and Kotahena

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Asia Securities Goes Green – Sri Lanka’s First Carbon Neutral Investment Services Firm

Asia Securities has become the first ZeroCarbon® certified investment services firm in Sri Lanka.

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Our client Jon Clarkson talks about their efforts to achieve a truly "Green Supply Chain" and their creation of a carbon neutral glove.

Walkers Tours carbon neutral for seven consecutive years

Walkers Tours Ltd. celebrated yet another year of Carbon Neutrality

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Bank of Ceylon first State bank to be awarded Greenhouse Gas verification statement

The Bank of Ceylon has been awarded a third party Greenhouse Gas (GHG) verification statement by The Sustainable Future Group Ltd

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Corporate Conservationists

It is not uncommon to see conservation efforts highlighting the planting of trees, with little effort shown towards their maintenance.

Sustainable Christmas

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Christmas, here are 12 ways we can enjoy the season, sustainably!

Go Green With Sanith

"Going Green with Ananta Sustainables" - Featuring : Savera Weerasinghe

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Plastic-Free July

Plastic Free July® is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution.

Why estimation based tools are inadequate for calculating Scope 3 emissions in the apparel sector.

The use of estimation-based tools can be useful for providing a rough estimate of Scope 3 emissions in the apparel sector.

Net-Zero in the Hospitality Sector

By implementing sustainable practices and investing in renewable energy, hotels and restaurants can contribute to a sustainable future and demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship.

WHO says you are Green?

The article sheds light on greenwashing, deceptive environmental claims made by companies, and emphasizes the significance of credible certifications and third-party verification to ensure genuine environmental credibility.

Because Money CAN grow on trees!

While saving the planet is never going to be easy, for some rural communities in the tiny island of Sri Lanka, money CAN grown trees!

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