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Earth Hour is the world’s biggest movement to protect our planet by switching off power for 60 minutes as a symbolic gesture of solidarity to show they care about our planet's future.

Every year, at 8:30 pm on the last Saturday of March, millions of people across the world show their support for our planet, raising awareness of nature loss and climate change—the two biggest threats facing our shared planet.

Humanity's unsustainable demands on the natural world are leading to climate breakdown, habitat loss, and a decline in wildlife. You can help by acting for people and planet this Earth Hour—from striving to live more sustainably, to influencing world leaders to do the right thing.

Here are a few steps you can take to contribute to a greener world:
1. Replacing one incandescent lightbulb with a compact fluorescent light can save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.
2. Use less hot water. Washing your clothes in cold or warm instead of hot water can save as much as 500 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.
3. Reuse containers and reduce waste.

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