Knowledge Repository   Hirdaramani Group - Tree Planting Project

The Hirdaramani Group, a company that has integrated sustainability into their Business Strategy supported the Hiniduma Bio-Link Project developed by CCC. The Hiniduma Bio-Link Project was the first internationally verified forestry carbon credit project in Sri Lanka. The aim of the project is to establish a biodiversity corridor between two large remnant disturbed rainforest patches – Sinharaja and Kanneliya. Much of the Sri Lankan rainforest is under threat and has suffered a long history of deforestation and environmental degradation. The Sinharaja Rainforest (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Kanneliya Rainforest (an international man and biosphere reserve) are the focus of this project. This project has expanded from the Kanneliya forest patch to the Sinharaja forest through the sponsorship of Hirdaramani, as they have planted 3000 saplings in 24 lands to cover 16.1 acres from 2017-2019. A further 1,000 saplings were distributed amongst 17 farmer families to cover another 4.2 acres of planted area under the Hirdaramani grant. In March 2020, the total reached 4000 trees spanning 20.3 acres. In each consecutive year, the grant consisted of funding to maintain and replant any casualty trees from this as well as an adjacent project totaling 10,000 trees with one of their key brand partners. The project improves the biodiversity of the region and the lives of rural farmers in local communities.


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