Knowledge Repository   W Retreat and Spa – Water audit

The W Retreat and Spa Maldives fits perfectly into that ethos as one of the finest and most modern luxury resorts in the Maldives. With 78 rooms, 49 of which are water villas, the private-island complex has a huge array of dining and activity possibilities for a hotel this size. As water is an integral part of the hotel’s operations, CCC was retained to conduct a comprehensive water audit to ascertain their water consumption within the hotel in their efforts to establish a systematic sustainability action plan. The report assessed the performance of existing water management practices, presented a comprehensive water audit of fixtures, equipment, and sub- systems within the hotel in order to identify and prioritize areas which need immediate attention for control and efficiency improvement and assessed the water conservation potential for the hotel. A saving of 50,000m3 was highlighted and a monetary saving of USD 90,000 was identified.

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