Knowledge Repository   Bank Of Ceylon - GHG Assessments

The Bank of Ceylon (BoC) is the first Sri Lankan State-Owned bank to carry out an Organisational Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Assessment that included its Head Office, Province Offices, Branches, Loan Centre, SME centers and on-site and off-site smart zones ATMs. This comprehensive and large-scale assessment looked at emission sources from Scopes 1 and 2 that included generator fuel, owned vehicles, fugitive emissions and purchased electricity. Several key recommendations to mitigate the environmental impact of the bank were suggested and CCC worked closely with the BOC Sustainability Team to help implement these. This assessment was conducted and independently verified to award BOC with the ISO 14064-1 Certification by The Sustainable Future Group (SFG) to companies that identify specific activities or actions that are aimed at improving GHG management. A detailed technical review of the methodologies, approaches, and calculations used in BoC’s inventory estimates were conducted in this verification exercise.


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