Knowledge Repository   SolTrim International (Pvt) Ltd - Waste audit

SolTrim International produces printed and woven labels, hang tags, heat transfer labels, price tickets, boxes, polybags and is a leading company in the field of providing apparel brand identification labels and packaging products that strive to provide high quality products for both its local and international customers. By contracting CCC to conduct a waste audit of its Rajagiriya Factory it shows a long-term commitment to reduce the company’s environmental impact and become a more responsible corporate citizen, whilst ensuring it reaps the benefits of being a sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly business entity. The main aims of this audit were to maximise the efficiency of material utilisation to reduce waste generation, identify means of reusing waste where possible, and implement measures for proper disposal, through the introduction of a Waste Management Programme. This Solid Waste Audit was carried out following the UNIDO/UNEP methodology in conducting a Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP) assessment and consisted of a comprehensive, escorted tour of all operational areas of the factory premises, informational interviews with staff and management, recycling and waste capacity monitoring and an extensive waste sorting exercise.


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