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N. Ranga Rao & Sons (NRRS) are a leading exporter of incense and fragrances across India and worldwide. The company was established as the ‘Mysore Products and Trading Company’ in 1948 by its founder, Sri N. Ranga Rao. Since then, they have grown from a cottage industry to a leading global enterprise, establishing a significant market share in India and an extensive reach in more than 50 countries– with “Cycle Pure Agarbathies” emerging as a recognised brand. The Carbon Consulting Company(CCC) was retained to conduct a detailed Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Assessment across the business operations and value chain.

The CCC team carried out a comprehensive assessment of the carbon footprint of the operations of the organisation, and identified several options for reduction in emissions.
The team also assisted in the framework and communication of messages on product across different markets and consumer divisions.
Further an awareness session on global warming and climate change was conducted for the executives of the company.

CCC facilitated the purchase of Carbon Offsets for the entire footprint of NRRS certifying them Carbon Neutral®.

The findings of the CCC assessment showed that 61% of emissions were from the supply chain. With the suggestions made by CCC, NRRS was able to optimize the load capacity and reduced their empty runs, which led to significant emission reduction and financial savings for the company.

CCC facilitated a mechanism to improve vehicle fuel mileage and integrated it within the ERP-Enterprise Recourse Planning System (SAP) to monitor their supply chain.


N. Ranga Rao & Sons - CarbonNeutral® Certification

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