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EFL (Expolanka Freight) is a leading provider of supply chain solutions. Founded in 1982, EFL is headquartered in Sri Lanka and is ranked among the top five freight forwarders in the Indian Subcontinent.

EFL is a member of Expolanka PLC – a leading conglomerate with interests in Logistics, Leisure and Investments. The company has thrived on overcoming the challenges of operating in limited logistic infrastructure markets, taking its operations to 29 countries, 60+ offices, with over 2,300 staff around the world.

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Sri Lanka’s First CarbonNeutral® Freight and Logistics Company
EFL conducted a GHG assessment and then offset the substantial footprint of its operations in line with their corporate goal of becoming green.

Following a detailed GHG assessment of their operations, we provided a comprehensive programme of internal efficiency measures to mitigate their organisational footprint. Following this, the necessary Carbon offsets were purchased through the Natural Capital Partners (then The CarbonNeutral Company) UK to offset their entire organisational carbon footprint, allowing EFL to become a CarbonNeutral® company.

As part of its consultancy services, we also conducted a comprehensive awareness session for senior management in order to help build the green working culture within the organisation.

ISO 14064-1 Certified Company
EFL also conducted a GHG assessment with the goal of securing the ISO 14064 Certification on Greenhouse Gas emissions.

In order to accomplish this, we assisted EFL in providing a credible and accurate measurement of its carbon footprint, for the purpose of independent reporting and management their organisation level GHG inventories.

The standard also identifies specific organisational actions that can be taken to further improve GHG management, in addition to providing guidance on quality management, reporting, internal auditing and the responsibilities for verification of reporting.


Sri Lanka’s first-ever CarbonNeutral Freight and Logistics Company

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EFL ISO 14064-1

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