Organisational Water Offsetting

For an entity to be assessed ‘Water Neutral’, its Water Footprint must be reduced as much as reasonably possible through mitigation and reuse, and the negative externalities of the remaining footprint be offset by investing in projects that replenish water bodies. Unlike its Carbon counterpart, achieving Water Neutrality is a medium to long-term process, and requires the conduct of regular audits and assessments;

A) Water Audits to comprehensively evaluate the water consumption and wastage and opportunities to reduce and reuse, and;

B) Water Footprint Assessments to analyse the overall environmental impact of water usage and means of mitigation and replenishment.

CCC follows a co-proprietary 4-stage approach in guiding clients toward Water Neutrality that was developed in partnership with The Sustainable Future Group and in consultation with leading subject matter academic and industry experts.


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