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Walkers Tours is a Sri Lankan owned and operated company that has been helping visitors to discover and enjoy Sri Lanka for over 50 years. It is Sri Lanka’s premier Destination Management Company fleet, with over 650 vehicles. Their expertise is unparalleled and their knowledge of Sri Lanka unequalled.  Walkers Tours signed up with the Carbon Consulting Company to assess and offset the entire carbon footprint of their operations in order to cater to the growing trend of eco-tourism.

The CCC Team carried out a detailed Greenhouse Gas (GHG) assessment and provided a comprehensive report of the Walkers Tours’ emissions arising from its fleet’s operations.

A range of actionable measures for emissions reduction were identified including the long-term plan of replacing older vehicles with newer hybrid and electric vehicles with a strategy to modernize the fleet to make it more environmentally friendly.


CCC facilitated the purchase of globally registered Carbon Offsets for the entire footprint of Walkers Tours certifying them as Asia’s First CarbonNeutral® Fleet.

Currently the company has maintained its carbon neutral status for over 7 years.

Compared to the 3% hybrid mileage in the 2014 base year, CCC worked with Walkers Tours to increase the total hybrid mileage to 32% in 2018. This in turn has led to over 250 tCO2e savings annually, making this company the industry benchmark to follow for environmental performance.


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