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Linea Aqua prides itself on being one of the world’s premier Swimwear manufacturers, producing for several countries and numerous events. The company has manufactured swimwear in collaboration with Speedo at the 2004 Olympics for over 15 countries and the Melbourne World Championships in 2006. Linea Aqua has a highly skilled in-house innovation team and design studio responsible for the revolutionary design and product innovation, such as the “Shape & Enhance” range using MAS licensed Silicon technology to give the customer a more, contoured, comfortable and premium experience.

The CCC team carried out a comprehensive assessment of Carbon, Water and Waste footprints of the operations and identified several options for reduction in emissions. Key areas of inefficiencies and solutions for reduction methods were identified.

Following the assessments the emissions of Linea Aqua were offset and Linea Aqua was awarded a WasteConscious® Factory Certification, WaterNeutral® Factory Certification and CarbonConscious® Factory Certification.

The Linea Aqua Factory was the FIRST WaterNeutral® Factory in Asia


Water usage in the canteen reduced by 22.9% from the base year (2014/15), to (2015/16),as pushtapswerechangedtosensortaps.

Due to the comprehensive water audit, kitchen water consumption reduced by 8.5%, as significant changes were made by changing inefficient fixture. Freshwater consumptionalsoreducedby12.7%,dueto theincreaseofSTPwaterforflushing

Precise recommendations were given to install a RO treated water plant to send treated wastewater to the cooling tower and wastewater was also used for flushing purposes, which recovered 43.98% of the water needed for the factory

Linea Aqua undertook Water Replenishment Projects in order to claim water neutrality, namely the “ Recharge Well”, where rainwater was collected and acted as a passageway to recharge ground water, and proper plumbing lines and a water distributionsystemwasaddedattheHenegama MahabodhiSchool,aprojectthat was funded by Linea Aqua.


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