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A leader in the Sri Lankan Tea industry, Eswaran Brothers Exports specialise in tea blending and packaging and have a range of high-quality tea brands sold in international markets. As the third largest tea exporting company in Sri Lanka, Eswaran Brothers Exports has taken a multi-tiered approach towards achieving their sustainability objectives. In addition to calculating and offsetting their carbon footprint, they also set out to promote environmental responsibility in order to position themselves as an eco-friendly ethical company and develop new sustainable products.

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World’s First CarbonNeutral® Tea Company

Eswaran Brothers Exports were certified as a CarbonNeutral® company through Natural Capital Partners (formerly The CarbonNeutral Company) in accordance with the CarbonNeutral® Protocol.

In order to receive this certification, Eswaran Brothers Exports first calculated the carbon emissions associated with the existing processes within their operations. These included the emissions produced in the premises of Eswaran Brothers, as well as from business travel, company-owned vehicles and third-party deliveries.

The carbon footprint was then negated through internal initiatives and the purchasing of carbon offsets from supporting renewable energy projects.

Eswaran Brothers are a shining example of a company that has committed to being a leader in the industry, having built on this certification to continue to be a CarbonNeutral company over the past ten years.

World’s First CarbonNeutral® Tea Product

For this certification, Eswaran Brothers Exports calculated the emissions from six types of their “Tea So Tea” brand of products. The GHG emissions arising from the Cradle to Grave lifecycle of these products, manufactured at Eswaran Brothers Exports (Pvt) Limited, were evaluated, then offset.

The aforementioned Product GHG Assessments were conducted according to the PAS 2050 Standard.

Sri Lanka’s First Organisational and Supply Chain Water Footprint

Eswaran Brothers Exports reaffirmed their commitment to greening their operations by conducting a study of water consumption and waste within the operations of their facilities. Our consultants identified wastage points whilst simultaneously implementing water management strategies in order to reduce the overall footprint of the company and lessen the burden on groundwater resources.

Green World Award

This accolade was awarded to us in recognition of the work that was put into creating a strategic sustainability roadmap for the entire Eswaran group of companies, and establishing concrete milestones along the journey. Already certified as the World’s First CarbonNeutral Tea company, Eswaran Brothers has continued to push the boundaries in the areas of product and organisational Water Footprinting, Supply Chain Water and Bio Diversity assessments and creation of a carbon negative tea product – just to name a few.


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