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Colombo Court (previously known as Colombo Courtyard), nestled in the heart of the city, is an urban boutique hotel that perfectly captures a fusion of contemporary style with the essence of environmental design. Art and elements with the extensive use of recycled material, dashes of vivid colour and a sense of space are all thrown together to create striking impact. With open courtyards and water bodies, the Hotel includes 32 rooms with 15 suites – each uniquely designed, 2 dining areas, a lounge bar, a wine cellar, a library & meeting room, jacuzzi, plunge pool, spa and gymnasium. It is still the artistic, rustic elements that are most attention grabbing amongst many other intriguing aspects of this hotel.

The CCC team carried out a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Assessment of the carbon footprint for the operations of the hotel, and identified several options for reduction in emissions. Key areas of inefficiencies were highlighted and solutions for energy reduction methods were identified.

A comprehensive report of the carbon emissions of the hotel, along with training for hotel staff on climate change and the carbon offset process was carried out.


CCC facilitated the purchase of Carbon Offsets, which were retired against the the entire footprint of Colombo Court, thereby certifying them as Asia’s FIRST CarbonNeutral® City Hotel.

With the suggestions made by CCC, the hotel implemented a comprehensive ‘Opt In’ scheme for in-house guests. Each guest is given the option of paying for their own individual carbon offsets, which offers their guests from around the world a unique experience without the guilt of being responsible for carbon emissions by offsetting the total carbon footprint arising from their stay at the hotel

The implementation of these sustainability measures led to 80% of the guests opting for a carbon neutral hotel stay.


CarbonNeutral® Certified city hotel

Colombo Courtyard—Asia’s First Boutique City Hotel Certified 

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Colombo Court Hotel & Spa, Asia’s first CarbonNeutral hotel

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