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Closely, founded by Tove Langseth and Filip Nilsson, are a Swedish brand that creates underwear and sportswear for women. They seek to create the most functional products that create a superior sense of freedom to all those who wear it, whilst minimising the negative impact their products have on the environment.
This significant effort of Closely to quantify not only the Carbon Footprint of their organisation, but also to conduct Product Carbon Footprints of selected products of their lineup is a part of a systematic sustainability action plan within the company.
Closely is a model of sustainability for not only their industry, but for any organisation striving for sustainability throughout their value chain.

Project Info

Product Carbon Footprint for 7 Products (2021)
Closely AB conducted a Product Carbon Footprint (PCf) Study for 7 garments produced through their local manufacturing partners, Bodyline (Pvt) Ltd and Silueta (Pvt) Ltd to assess the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions arising from their production. The boundary for this assessment was set as ‘Cradle to Gate’ (from Extraction of Raw Materials to Dispatch of Finished Products to Gate of First Customer, in this case the Closely Warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden). This PCF Study was based on the PAS 2050 Standard and the ISO 14067:2018 Standard.

Organisational Greenhouse Gas Assessment
In addition to Product Carbon Footprinting, Closely also conducted an Organisational GHG Assessment to assess the GHG emissions arising from their operations for the year 2019/2020. As part of the scope of the project, we calculated the emissions of Closely AB’s Sweden, Gothenburg offices and Hong Kong offices. The GHG Assessment was based on the WBCSD/WRI GHG Protocol.


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